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Insurance Information

The USBCHA has finalized the new general liability policy. It is effective on April 15, 2009. The new policy will allow the additional insured endorsement to be added. The procedure will be slightly different than before. It is critical that the process itself be followed as you are well aware that this type of insurance is difficult to obtain. An attempt was made to purchase a blanket policy, but this was in vain. The AKC had such a policy a few years back, but it is no longer available. The USBCHA hopes this policy will meet all the trial's needs. All trials that had applied and PAID for the additional insured endorsement prior to April 15, 2009 were grandfathered coverage. It appears that several trials applied for but did not send in money. Those trials did not have coverage. If your trial is one of those trials, do not send in the money now as the coverage cannot be made retroactive.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. The individual trial manager will obtain the insurance form from the USBCHA web site. There will be some additional information on the web site. Any other questions can be directed through Francis. Please do not call the Sportsman Group.
  2. The form will be completed and mailed to Francis Raley. Do not mail the form to Sportsman as it will be returned.
  3. A check or money order for $75 will accompany the form. Make checks payable to the USBCHA. NO APPLICATIONS WILL BE FORWARDED WITHOUT THE PROPER AMOUNT OF MONEY INCLUDED.
  4. Francis will forward the application with a USBCHA check to Sportsman.
  5. A receipt will be forwarded to Francis with a copy to the contact person of the trial.
  6. Certificates, if requested will be mailed directly to the individuals. If you want the land owner to receive a copy of the contract indicate that on the insurance form with the current address.
  7. Once the process is established, please allow 4-6 weeks of time as consideration to Francis.

There are still some questions that are being reviewed, re: novice trials, etc. Additional information will be forthcoming.

If you would like to apply for insurance, please click the link below and fill out the form. Click the 'Print' button to print the completed form. To print a blank form, click 'Print' with all form fields blank.

Insurance Form

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