Entries Received

19.6 was lowest pts to be accepted in 2011 finals, CO
24.6 was lowest pts to be accepted in 2013 finals, VA.
16.8 was lowest pts to be accepted in 2012 finals, OR

Entries must be postmarked on or before Aug. 1 in order to accept entries.  No entries will be taken after that date.

The board voted to fill drop outs at the national finals up until the day before the trial starts.
To be guaranteed your money back, you must drop out before September 1. After that, the only way to be given a refund is to have your spot filled.

With that in mind, The secretary will continue to update the website, entry's received, on a daily basis. For the most part, it is updated withing the hour of receiving a cancellation. With that in mind, please do not call Francis to see if you are in. LOOK at the website. The website will be updated until the 6th of September.

After the 6th of September the only way to get into the finals is to personally be at the secretary's trailer on the Monday before the finals starts, before 5:00 pm, and sign the provided sheet.


At 5 pm on that day, Francis will remove from the running order the cancellations made after the 6th and fill those spots with the dogs on the sign in sheet.

The dogs on the sign in sheet have to be entered  by the August 1 entry deadline and will be given entry into the trial based on qualification points.  Herbert Holmes
Open & Nursery Entries received listed below.

If you need to cancel your entry in the National Finals you  may send an email stating you want to pull out of the finals, but must call to verify your message was receive 254-486-2500 or 254-715-1290.  It is handler’s responsibility to make sure your message was received and proper action was taken.  Run order updates are posted within minutes after cancelations are received, so please check to see if cancelation has been pulled.

Practice Field:  Probably open (Sat?) for sure Monday-Thursday at the ranch. Signed release and $25 a dog for 20 minutes or 4 sheep which ever runs out first. Reservations to be made through email at

Entries received 7/23/14

Milliken, Amanda Roz     109
Milliken, Amanda Dorey          25.00 99.8
Ray, Barbara Stella          25.00 90.2
Lambert, Beverly Nan          25.00 87.8
Glen, Scott Don     81.8
Graham, Tierney Brisco     79.4
Lambert, Beverly Joe     78.6
Enzeroth, Ron Mick     71.4
Tietjen, Joni Sage          25.00 62.6
Ray, Barbara Tab     61.4
MacRae, Alasdair Sweep          25.00 59.4
Ferraro, Mich Clive          25.00 57.2
Thompson, Mary Beauty          25.00 56
MacRae, Patricia Jim     55.6
Burkey, Ron Sky          25.00 54.4
Gallagher, Michael Cain     53.2
Glen, Scott Bliss          25.00 53.2
Millen, Roger Taggart     52.8
French, Robin Bill     52.2
Ferraro, Mich Mawde     50.8
Thompson, Mary Frost     49.2
Tabor, Roy Craig     49
Yablonsky, Victoria Gus     48.4
Leonard, Denise Maggie     47.6
Glen, Jennifer Hemp     46.8
Nieder, Libby Derby     46.8
Bahr, Wilda Elle     46.2
Tesdahl, Linda Juno     43.8
Imas, Dave Tip          25.00 43.6
Wilkinson, Peggy Liz          25.00 42.2
Pelkey, Terri Dash     41.8
Singer, Jean Sly          25.00 38.6
Warner, Terri Bea          25.00 36.8
Burks, Mike Sport          25.00 36.2
MacRae, Patricia Cap     35.8
Pelkey, Terri Jesse     35.8
Gallagher, Michael Flo     35.6
Goracke, Stephanie Gwynn          25.00 35.4
Glen, Jennifer Lad     34.8
Luedecke, Emil Zac          25.00 34.8
Liptak, Nancy Zac     34.6
Eliason, Donna Ben     34.4
Tabor, Roy York     34.4
Coapman, Ray Jill          25.00 33.4
Millen, Roger Rock          25.00 32.8
Anderson, Rose Jing     32.6
Stanley, Karen Clare          25.00 32.4
Spenser, LisAnn Lacey     31.2
Temple, Fred Jack          25.00 31.2
White, Bryan Scoop          25.00 31.2
Burkey, Ron Shadow     30.8
Bowen, Chris Bella          25.00 30.6
Andersen, Lise Piper          25.00 30.4
Murray, Terry Jess          25.00 30.2
Strang, Bridget Treat     30.2
Swanson, Erin Lark     30
Treadwell, Tracee Pi     29.4
Keeton, Daniel Newby          25.00 29.2
MacRae, Alasdair Skye     29.2
Leonard, Denise Emmie     28.8
Spenser,Tom King     27.8
Sells, Angie Coker Andy          25.00 27.4
Warner, Terri Nic         27.0
Schreeder, Marianna Cass     26.4
Holmes, Herbert Don     25.6
Pagel, Diane Nana     25.6
Caldicott, Ian Goose     25.4
Bahr, Wilda Cap          25.00 24.4
Sommer, Norm Lexi          25.00 24
Moore, Larry Bee          25.00 23.6
Anderson, Rose Bitti     23
Edwards, Dennis Craig          25.00 22.6
Caldicott, Ian Maxie     21.4
Andersen, Lise Mack     19.4
Pagel, Diane Maid     19.2
Tietjen, Joni Bill     17.6
Withnell, Lora Bella     16.8
Twa, Louanne Craig          25.00 16.4
Holmes, Alison Bett     14.2
Spring, Jamie Hope     14.2
Stanley, Karen Grace     13.8
Brothers, Michelle Skye          25.00 9.2
Twa, Louanne Mack     3.8
White, Bryan Rio     3.2
Abrams, Geri   Mist        25.00  
Andersen, Lise   Bryn    
Andersen, Lise   Nellie    
Anderson, Rose   Juli    
Anderson, Rose   Skeeter    
Bradley, Kelly   Bett        25.00  
Brothers, Michelle   Sky    
Burkey, Ron   Speck    
Crawford, Nancy   Tweed        25.00  
Cudd, Joan   Tag        25.00  
Enzeroth, Ron   Britt    
Enzeroth, Ron   Ryn    
Fowler, Barney   Freckles        25.00  
French, Robin   Spot    
Glen, Scott   Alice    
Glen, Scott   Flint    
Goracke, Mike   Grace    
Graham, Tierney   Hawkeye    
Hawn, Bruce   Sadie        25.00  
Holmes, Herbert   Bob    
Holmes, Herbert   Jack    
Holmes, Stineman   Jack    
Kieft, Sandy   Rayne        25.00  
Lambert, Beverly   River    
Lowery, Jim   Jazzy    
Luedecke, Emil   Nan    
MacDonald, Sue   Laddie        25.00  
Milliken, Amanda   Howell    
Milliken, Amanda   Maverick    
Mitchell, Jamie   Drift        25.00  
Murray, Terry   Minette    
Pelkey, Terri   Tia    
Phelps, Brent            25.00  
Ray, Barbara   Flint    
Ray, Barbara   Tab    
Ross, Barb   Sassy        25.00  
Sasak, Mariane   Buck    
Sells, Angie Coker   Soot    
Sells, Angie Coker   Wisp    
Singer, Jean   Fin    
Spenser, LisAnn   Snow    
Spring, Jamie   Jill    
Stanley, Karen   Dot    
Strang, Bridget   Rain    
Strang, Bridget   Sky    
Swanson, Erin   Tess    
Taylor, Peggy   Daisy        25.00  
Temple, Fred   Dan    
Thompson, Mary   Jake    
Thomson, Chris   Cooper    
Tietjen, Joni   Rob    
Warner, Terri   Pearl    
Woods, Kathie   Sky        25.00  
Edwards, Dennis   Nip    
Edwards, Dennis   Roy    
Ferraro, Mich   Fin    
Twa, Louanne   Gus    
Tesdahl, Linda   Glyn    

























































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